Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kancho NOOO!!!!

I was talking to my friend on MSN, when he announced he'd found a website for me. hahaha~recently this guy kept giving me links to some of the website he'd been looking at, and I thought they were pretty geeky, hahaha~all computer stuff and really geeeeekky~~~ so I was surprized when it was about this guy who was doing a JET programme (pretty much this thing where you get payed to teach English in Japan). Anyway, this guy writes these 'editorials' about his time in Japan (He's still there).

go here please~~::::

This guy writes very well, and there is a lot of very interesting things to read. But mst of them are funny, extreamly, undeniable funny.

He writes about the horrors of Kancho, a horrible Japanese kids 'game' where the children stick their fingers up your butt. Here's the Kancho NO! website.

hahahaha~ so funny, anyway, this guy's site certainly deserves a place in my bookmarks!


Leon said...

haha - That JET programme sounds interesting. Putting up with kancho would be a pain though.

Shogun said...

Haha~ yeah, I want to do the JET programme~ so cool~

Ian said...

well, i was just messin' with it. im not a pro or anything... where can i find tutorials? do you photoshop?

Leon said...

Ian - Check this Google link