Friday, January 27, 2006

New contributor, Shogun

For quite some time now I've been a friend of 2lazy2blog. So recently I decided I'd like to become one of the contributers, At first I thought I'd be too young and ttoo scared to post or something, but it's fine.

My name is Shogun (thus so because I wish not to disclose my real name to those who are not close friends -Shogun is my Japanese name.) I am 16 years old and I live in good ol' New Zealand.

I don't really want to write too much in this post, but I have been known for my tireingly long posts in my blog "This is Life: Through the eyes of Shogun" and sometimes my posts may seem a little intense. One of my friends said I am a good enough writer I should write a book or something. So I decided to make a fiction blog, of a 15 year old's life at "The Life and times of Felix Mason".

If any of you are interested in music (Which hopefuklly you are), I Love music, my favourite singer being Ayumi Hamasaki, I even made a fansite (which Leon has posted once, but I'll post it again! ^____^) called "Ayu Meets World", The layout and the content etc. are all mine, I'm quite renound for my graphicalnessly, as you will see in my blog and in AMW. oooo, And also I love taking photos, I have some of them posted on my deviantart site but I still have heaps of photos I haven't edited and put on there yet (though I'll have to get around to doing that before the 2nd of February, where I have to take some to a teacher at school)

OMG, I so didn't mean to have an entire post about ME! I'm not usually so braggyful!!!

I'm sorry everyone >________<

Oh I forgotted, I know some Japanese, so I can teach some peoples if they wanting!!!!

that's it! honest!!!

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Leon said...

Good post Shogun. Welcome to the blog.:)