Friday, September 30, 2005

This Is Post # 16 - Sunday Derby 3pm ?????

So memory loss wasn't permanent. :) Of course I had just left blogger when I remembered to record what post number this is. It will help gauge how much we write at the derby.

One vote for Sunday afternoon.
One vote for 'whenever'.

Serious As You Want.

This is not meant to be a well written serious blog. That's why the word limit is (approximately) fifty words per post. However, that doesn't mean you can't write serious stuff to test ideas. Anything you write here may work in your blogs. Write what YOU want.

Another New Guy

Most of you working on this blog probably don't know me, but that's ok. I'll try to post when I can, while keeping up with my own blog. Hopefully we can all come up with some interesting and completely random posts. Looks like it'll be a pretty cool place.

Of course when you change the times of your post to make it later - I just may change it back. Admin power rules! - Leon

Technically, its not later. Don't forget there's a time difference between where you are and where I am. - Stephen

Technicalities, Technicalities. I just noted that my #16 post got hidden by your Introduction. - I knew I wrote that post after you wrote yours in whatever time zone it got written in. Therefore it had to get posted later rather than former because if it was former then my brain would have been later. I have enough trouble catching up with my thoughts already - thank you very much.:) - Leon

That New Guy

Well as 2 Lazy 2 Blog goes I am the newest member. The name of this blog has been fitting me well lately do to my lack of Blog posts, yet when I decided to join the 2 Lazy 2 Blog team I made it a point to blog a bit more than usual. I, myself have never been an outstanding blogger for my cup of tea happens to be animation but I will try to blog a bit more.
Oh yes and by the by, the rest of posts wont be as somniferous as this one.

Animation man

Silly Music Links

Seven Band Names That Would Be Impossible to Book.

Lame Excuses Roommate Has Given for Breaking Dates or the Smiths Lyrics?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Weekend Derby Update - What day is OK?

I've passed the idea around but I will get the ball rolling here.

Day: Either Saturday or Sunday for me.

Time: Due to members we'll go for eastern as the standard time zone.

Tenative times - Pacific = Noon, Eastern = 3pm, British = 8pm. I could start a bit earlier if someone in the UK joins and finds 8pm is too late.

Weather Sex

Sometimes you laugh for the oddest reasons. Check this post about weather.



New rule: Posts may or may not have completely random titles.

Weekend Derby

I want to have fun with this blog. We can turn it into a chat machine, wild blog mess or anything. I was thinkging of holding a Derby this weekend. It depends on who has time.

I remember hearing about Shahid's famous 74 comment post. It would be similar to that. Lots of silly posts we can delete later if someone says something they don't want. Members can always go back and kill a 'racy' post.

So should comments be turned off to make sure we use posts?

Rules: not much - remember we are online and public and be reasonably nice to other bloggers.:)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Harry Potter Blogging?

So is this blog for real or not? What do you think?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ideas for the blog.

Some Ideas:


  • Creative Commons: by - nc - sa

  • Our Blogs - with a link to a page with our blog info.

  • Statcounter

  • truth laid bear

  • truefresco referer - like on my blog.

  • Spam poison

  • Google News - for news ideas.

  • Flickr Creative Commons for pics (Good for weird pics we don't have).

  • The Meme Team - for ideas (when I actually write any, haha).

  • Other meme websites.

  • Imagination Prompt Generator

  • Picture of the day sites like National Geographic.

  • Geekpress

That's all I can think of for now.

Would You Watch? Leon's answer.

I am not sure. If the damage was really bad and the predicted outcome bad I may not. However, watching would be easier than sitting and worrying. So I am undecided.

The previous post was around 48 words. So I decided to stick to the fifty word limit. The answer above is 30 words. Total words for this post is 70 which is not bad.

The fifty word is just a guideline.

Would You Watch?

A Jet Blue jetliner was damaged at take off and had to make an emergency landing in LA. The passengers watched most if not all of it on TV. Link.

My question is: would you watch a tv broadcast of your own flight making an emegency landing?

Answer in a post or comments?


I am here now, no need to worry.

I dunno how much I'll be posting cuz PN is kinda open to all, but it'll be fun!


This is a blog for all of us who have blogs or don't who need a fun place to hang around.

This doesn't replace our blogs but can be used for the stuff we have fun with that we don't like in our blogs. Quizzes for example.

Links are ok as long as they are acceptable to all of us. Nothing too bad....ok?

We tried this before at Geek2Geek and failed (sort of). So.... a fifty word maximum may be enforced. If you can write fifty words coherently you can have your own blog.:)