Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just Saying 'Hi'

I was passing by and noticed that you guys were having a great time. I just wanted to say hi. It's been a while since I posted here. Matter of fact, I think this might be my first post. I'm too busy and literally 2 lazy. I'm surprised to say I wasn't kicked out of the team. ;)

Lost Bloggers

Hmmm, some of our bloggers seem to be hibernating. What happened to Sudman, Josh, Animationman, and Smeagol? Do you guys realize too much school and not enough blogging will stunt your growth? :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Should 50 Cent Be Banned From Canada?

Politicians are saying he incites violence and Toronto has had enough this year. So should he be able to come to Canada? Read this opinion.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Superman On Trial In Victoria.

Superman was on trial this week.

Turkey Wrestling

So how many of our American members fell asleep after "wrestling" with a big plate of turkey?

If you did they you are continuing on a long tradition of stuffing oneself with food and snoring in the living room.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Great Harry Potter article

Hey - remember back in September when I posted about Harry & The Potters? Well, check out this great article written by them:

5 Scenes You Won't See In The Goblet Of Fire

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who Links To Us

Who Links To Me is a site that lets you see who is linking to your blog. Replace 2 lazy 2 Blog with your blog info.

What do you think guys?

I found this interesting article at Supermum's blog. Her post and the related comments are funny. What is your take on the issue?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Four Blogs

I keep finding blogs by young bloggers. Check these out.

jacks life - check out the funny pics.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN MOST OF THEM ARE MY FAULT - this guy has been blogging up a storm. Wild pics and capital letters can be found here.

sports with the oz - this is another busy blogger. He blogs about sports.

Judith's Animal Kingdom - this blog is about animals. The blogger has an interesting menagerie.

These are four different blogs with different ideas and styles. You may like them.


I am part of 2lazy2blog. So..........wat up ppl? It is my first day here. This is so............cool! So............I dont have much to say. Bye!

Blame Sam!

i am an indie snob!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're just too cool for school, aren't you? You're pretty narrow minded
and opinionated with regards to music (and probably most other things
as well). But you're allowed to be, because you really are better
than everyone else. You take pride in obscurity.
You probably prefer vinyl too, you elitist bitch.

Narrow minded about music - ultimately I tend to be.
Vinyl - naw, I never owned a vinyl lp in my life! I went from cassetes to cds.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Morrissey is genius

Taken from a recent interview...



What is the most important advice that you would give people to be happy?

Thanks for this opportunity.

Best wishes,

Carl Hurley
Dublin, Ireland


hello Carl
I'm no expert when it comes to happiness – I don't honestly think it's possible.
Unfortunately, comfort and contentment become the maximum goal, and these are attainable. It's important, I think, not to allow others to pressurize you, and it's important not to be intimidated. Most humans are just silly, and 95% of our daily activities are a complete waste of time anyway – so there's a strong likelihood that human existence itself is somewhat silly. Look, for example, at British television – ghastly.

Can I hear say Morrissey-email cartoons?

More here.

Hurray for indie pop!

You're an Indie Pop Kid. You like songs about
relationships and the prettiness of nature.
You're sentimental, but not certainly not emo.
Oh, and if you aren't an English Major, you
should be.

You Know Yer Indie. Let's Sub-Categorize.
brought to you by Quizilla

It is probably so not indie to take this quiz, but...

i am a mix taper!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're really enthusiastic about the music that you like. You attempt to discover your new favourite
band every week. You continually try to get your friends into the music you like, which annoys the f***
out of them, but you don't know it. At least you're not arrogant about it.

I tried again and it keeps changing from Indie Snob to Mix-Taper - I think I am a mix-taper at heart, though. ( ;

Sunday, November 20, 2005


My computer geek score is greater than 48% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

Derby Week Nov 20 - 26

We have all been too busy for a derby this weekend. So this week we all have assignments - sort of.

1. Check in and say hi to everyone and especially new members (more joining soon). This post doesn't have to be big and fancy.

2. (optional) Pop into one of these sites ands take a quiz for fun. Post your results in this blog.





Saturday, November 19, 2005

What do you want to drive?

Nice Cars! (via The Ultimate Blog).

Please clean up your own drool.

I am a dork not a nerd!

...or something like that.

I am nerdier than 65% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Friday, November 18, 2005

TTLB Hack - Get Higher Ratings.

The title will probably attract all the rank-conscious-geeks out there but it does pertain to this post.

I won't get detailed because this is not a techy blog and I don't want to. I have noticed that I tend to stay in the TTLB Slithering Reptile category rather than lower ones if I mention new podcasts and cinemas in this blog. (Oh dear that means I am my own audience. lol.)

So here is an experiment:

Guess who...Jesse LeDoux! - from Sam's blog.

Will this skyrocket Sam into Lizardhood? Probably not, but it will help his rating a bit. Unfortunately no other members are using ttlb right now.

Funny Cartoon

Check out this funny blog cartoon.

New Podcast at Firemind

Radio Firemind #6

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nerd Test

I am nerdier than 72% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!


Happy Birthday Stephen
Happy Birthday 2 U

...and have many more!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cinema Posted And Podcast To Follow

It's multimedia time at Firemind I posted another Cinema and hope to get a podcast done tonight.

If we really go wild with this Sunday's Derby we may pass the 200th post mark! I would say more but ... I am 2 lazy right now.lol.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Liquid Turkey

Watched the news earlier and heard about this. The wonderful folks at Jones Soda Co. have released some new flavors for the holidays. Some of the more interesting ones are Turkey and Gravy, Corn on the Cob, and Salmon Paté. Yum.

New Blogger Seeks Readers.

May the force be with Darth Alex at What's On My Mind. This blog has a cool url.

Quicklinks for Josh

Josh I changed the sidebar link for your podcast. It now goes to the new site.

http://justjoshing.org/podcast or www.justjoshing.org.

Your "strange brew" post is funny.


The Just Joshin' Podcast has its own domain name!!

hey everyone,
the just joshin' podcast is no longer at justjoshingpodcast.blogspot.com.
you can find it at justjoshing.org.
also, check out my writing blog, where i post new writing every monday from my class - justjoshing.org/writing.
thanks - see you guys there,

Sunday Derby

All day Sunday 20th, November. There is no limit to posting and ideas amnd challenges will be posted later this week. Let's get everyone posting something.

Buy A Pun

I wondered why Pun ofthe Day stopped showing up in our sidebar. Well, it is for sale.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Knowledge is power!

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 8/10 correct!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Math Survivor

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 7/10 correct!

Many of these memes are silly and the answers are random. This one isn't bad. What is your math score?

Interesting Blog

Men-a-Men is an interesting blog written by a Dutch boy. It has two versions: English and Dutch. Check the Dutch version for the interesting pics and to comment. I mentioned his blog, Josh's blog and some others at Firemind.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Yay! I got onto the front page of Digg.com! (for this)

Now experiencing crazy traffic.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Cinema Posted.

Firemind Cinema 8 is ready for viewing. Have fun.


Our email is:


Remove the /removethis/ of course. The email is for questions and for information about joining this blog. I may forward questions to members if they are appropriate.


If we include all members of this blog our average age is 20.4.

If we only the count the teenage members then our average age is 13.6.

I could handle being 20.4 again.:)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blog School

I updated the About Us post at The Demo Blog. Some 2 Lazy 2 Blog members want help with their blogs. I will send them invites to The Demo Blog.

It's not really blog school but there is lots of neat stuff there.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

New Podcast Mentions 2 Lazy 2 Blog.

Radio Firemind is back on track. You all get a mention in one form or another.

I'm Cool!

These 'dolls' could be used for website or blog avatars. Make your own here.

Chicken Little Rocks!

I was going to post a Firemind Cinema today but the sky fell on it. I went to see Chicken Little instead and laughed a lot. It's fun for kids of all ages.

Another Derby?

So what does everyone think about having another derby in the blog. The last one only lasted about twenty minutes and consisted of Sam and I. Are we 2 Lazy 2 Derby?

Cinemas And Podcasts

I made up pages for Firemind Cinema (my weekly videos) and Radio Firemind (my podcasts). I also listed them in the sidebar (at Firemind) as Cinema and Podcasts.

Josh, you may like the 'Invasion Of The Pod People' post I mention in Podcasts.

I will post another cinema today and may do a podcast tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

New Just Joshin' Podcast!

hey everyone,
I just put up a new podcast lastnight! leon and sam have already listened. go listen to it now! and, it would make me just so happy if you'd vote for me on podcast alley. You can click the play button in the flash player over on the right if you don't want to subscribe or download. Go to my page here:


Friday, November 04, 2005

Bunnies And Frogs

Bunnies - Fintan found this game months ago and I posted the link on Firemind.

Frogs and Stuff - lots of silly games and toons. (via).

Sidebar Links

I just added links to our contest (near the top) and Josh's blog (Links). Does anyone want other nonmember links in the sidebar? Meme or other fun sites might work.

Comment Moderation?

Has any one tried Blogger's new comment moderation option?

The Apprentice

Alright, guys. While I might not be able to come up with good catchphrases, I can talk about telly.

Who watches The Apprentice?

Did you see the most recent episode. It's a must-see, because I has to be the most bizzare board-room television ever done.

Antisemitism, homophobia and sex were all brought up in decent bunches, and the result was (pretty much) great telly. I hear he's having a rating problem at the moment, so good for him.

I honestly can't wait until the next episode, because it looked like one of those guys was peeeeee'd-off!

So - are there any Apprentice watchers out there (I also do the Martha Stewart one :D )?

hi everyone - it's josh from the just joshin' podcast

Hey everyone! I am a new member of 2 Lazy 2 Blog, invited by Leon. I hope you guys enjoy reading my posts. Check out my other blogs:

thanks guys!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Make Our Motto Contest

Stephen and I were discussing this blog and he asked about a motto. I suggested "Our Place To Hang Out On The Web" but felt it was too serious for this blog.

Our rules really consist of the Introduction I wrote. I have added to this verbally when talking to prospective members. I will add my unofficial rules/guidelines to give you ideas.

About Us
  • This is a group blog with members of all ages.
  • We come from different countries, continents, backgrounds, and religions.
  • We are becoming a community.


Er... be nice... respect each other. We're not much for rules.


  • Write what you want when you want.
  • There is no minimum requirement.
  • This is your blog too.
  • We are G to PG rated.
  • Disagreements are ok, hurting others feelings, or being rude isn't.
  • Members know a lot. Ask if you need help.
  • Advertise your own blog projects.

Ok, that's what this place is...kind of. So who can make a cool motto? Prizes? Er... we are too lazy for real ones, but we could list you in our header for a while or something similar.

Mottos should be as casual as we are.:)

Big Monkey

A new trailer for the upcoming remake of King Kong is up. Its been a while since I've seen the original, but this ones looking pretty good with Peter Jackson behind it.

Harry Potter Is A Girl!!

I posted a link to a Xanga blog supposedly written by Daniel Radcliffe. Well it appears that it was a fake. Either that or Harry's spell went drastically wrong.


First quarter is over.

One more to go until there is only one left.

And after that one, it will be the last quarter!

And then summer!

Which will bring the one year anniversary of Phony Nowhere!

Time flies!

The perfect band is probably somewhere out there...

It makes me sad to think that there is probably a band out there that is completely perfect to my musical tastes but I will never find it - and if I do, I probably won't realize it.

Pumpkin Pie

So my fall fest is over and I think I did a pretty good job. Another thing I think I did a good job with was the toon Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie is an interesting cartoon about the sorrows of a young pumpkin who never gives up hope.


Animation man

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sporty Leon

I wasn't a into sports as a kid and definately not a jock. I did manage to participate occasionally and even won trophies once or twice.

Sports In which I won something.

Hockey - First place trophy (team) - I was 7 or 8 and still learning to skate.:)

Dog Racing - First place - Single dog race. I was 10. The trophy sits on my dresser.

Driving (car rally) - second - This was in Highschool.

Sports I could play.

Soccer, Road hockey, Badminton.

Sports I was bad at.

Baseball, baseball, and yes the hated game of baseball. I also never learned to swim very well.

What sports were you good/bad at? Write a post like this one if you want.

*fanfare* Say 'hello' to Dech!


Go on, say it! Dech! Dech! Design and tech!

Design and tech indeed. Along with media and communication, I'm hoping to move on from The Record Card (my primary blogging residence for quite a while now) and do something bigger and better.

I wrote a little welcome post on Dech, but I'm not so sure it really captures what I'm going to get up to over there exactly.

Check it out, and be sure to subscribe! (Or, if your name is Leon, create a 'links' post and go though that page a gazillion times a day :D)


Jon Aquino's Mental Garden: Online Break-Timer

I like it. I can use it to remind myself to look away from the computer screen and focus on some distant object for eye health.
Online Break-Timer.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Announcements! Announcements?

Animationman tell us about the 'toon. Fin tell us about the site.

Busy people, sheesh, they forget to tell people about their accomplishments.

Today's Dumb Joke

What type of music does an Egyptian Mummy listen to?

Wrap Music.

Ok, so it's lame. Can any one match it?

Pod People

I just added podcasting to my profile. I have lots of company.

Anonymous Comments?

We got our first anonymous comments when Smeagol wrote his posts. I deleted one before I realized the writer was kidding around. The comments are ok.

I don't mind anonymous comments as long as they don't harass anyone. But the younger members may want them set to "Blogger members only". We do have the statcounter to record IP addresses and I screen the comments.

So what do you think.

An Imposter!