Monday, October 31, 2005

Weird Time

Right now its 9:43 pm, Oct 31 (Pacific) for me. -8 GMT. Eastern Time (most members) is -5 GMT (Three hours earlier than me). Fin in the UK is 0 GMT (usually). (8 hours earlier than me). Smeagol is +12 GMT or 20 hours earlier than me.

I feel behind schedule.:)

Talking with friends via IM is weird. We can't agree on what day it is. :)

Halloween is wrong

Halloween is evil. I'm a Christian and I can see that it is very bad. Last night we put up a sign saying "Halloween is Canceled" with a scripture number on it. I wanted to water bomb the halloweeners from our balcony but was not aloud. I went to a light party and got lots of lollies there instead.

Hi I'm Smeagol

Hello every one. My name is Smeagol, though thats only my blogger name. I love to play hockey. I really like The Lord of the Rings. The movie of it is really good better than most movies but the books beat them by miles.

Homestar Ruined-er

What happened to the old that I use to love so much? It seems like they are really running out of ideas:'s quote of the day
'i don't know what i'm saying...'

What do you think?

Halloween Cinema

I have posted a spooky new cinema at Firemind.

Update: New Feature length show added!!!!!

Interesting Podcast

I found a new and interesting podcast by a boy named Josh. It is quite well done. Check it out.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do computer dates with computers work?

> = Eliza, * = me.

> Come, come, elucidate your thoughts.
* I can only elucidate after sex on tuesday
> What does that suggest to you?
* Eliza we need to have sex
> I see.

I wrote a post at Firemind too. Talk to Eliza yourself.


So who is wearing costumes tomorrow? I usually don't.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Say Hello

I'm Confused is a blog by a young guy named Zach. I listed it in the Young Bloggers post from a few days ago. So far I am the only commenter. Check it out and say hello. We know how much fun comments are.

Did you know its Spring in New Zealand right now?


Pretty cool blog

Hey - I just found this indie music blog. It appears to be pretty cool - check it out:

Bars & Guitars

Friday, October 28, 2005

Yoda Can Dance?

You be the judge of that. I saw this on the G4 TV Blog. Check it out here, its pretty funny.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Young Bloggers

As I said before I came across many blogs by young bloggers. I bookmarked some that seemed interesting and were updated recently. I will mention some of them here. You may find new blogs to read.

Aki's stuff and Demetre aka hova da dam and My Complaints are all art blogs.

TJ's Page - this guy has a few blogs. Check out his "magic school" blogs. They are funny.

Black Dragon

Random Hero's Blog Thingy

So Says I

Pointless Palmtree

The Placebo's Effect

I'm Confused

Rich Blogs, Poor Blogs

All of our blogs are poor. Check this out.

First Post

I was reading the Popular section of and I saw a link for a to do list online called

This is a to do list that other people can send you things to do to.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gak! Blog Attack!

Eeeeeeeeeeeesh. I finished what I was doing and decided to play around with Google's Blog Search. Well I found so many teen/kids blogs I could start a school.

I will post some links here later. Why? Well we all know what it is like to blog by ourselves. Some of the blogs are quite good and members may like them.

It's surprising how many blogs there are out there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fall Fest Is Best

Animationman's Fall Fest ends in less than a week. Some of us have participated and some haven't. Check here for more info and play along. You know you want to.

Also... should we at 2 Lazy 2 Blog submit a funny post to the Fall Fest? You can post silly bits/jokes/pics about Autumn and save them as drafts. I can combine them into one post. What do you think?

Blog Money/Spotlight

I don't believe it. FM is worth more than Fin's blog. :) Strange.

My Spotlight on Phoney Nowhere has been posted at Firemind. So drop in and have a look. Thank you Sam for letting me be nosy. :)

It was fun to do and I may do some more.

Monday, October 24, 2005

My blog is worth $14,678.04.
How much is your blog worth?

Screw saving I can buy ten bloody imacs! Yaay! Problem solved!

Buy an iMac?

Hello all. For my first post, I ask that you help me to solve a problem...
Should I set myself the goal of buying an iMac in January? I've wanted one for soooo long.

But I want to know what you think. Should I buy one as soon as I have the dosh (I have 2 sites on the go and 2 prospective ones which would do it by Jan), or should I wait, agonisingly, until next September, paying for it with work money (quicker I imagine) and possibly using a student discount.

Christmas is round the corner, and although I can't just ask for one (O - the uproar), I can ask for a little help.

If it buy it in Jan there's no way I can get a car, but do I really want one? I have a bike (and friends with cars :D). Driving lessons might take a backseat, too...

And, I want to make use of it now if it's going to be updated in a year. I would be horrified to buy a mac, only for it to be replaced the next month. Horrified.

So I really would consider your opinion valuable.
Please reply on my blog. Thanks!

ps. It feels good posting here!

I am worth a pretty penny! Maybe I will sell me one day!

My blog is worth $6,209.94.
How much is your blog worth?


If you do don't get caught by your parents. Watch.

This guy is crazy.

Lots of action here.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Is this the 2 Lazy 2 Blog mascot?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

10 overused words in my school - in no apparent order

- random

- obsessed

- awkward

- hot

- gay

- sucks

- like

- weird

- "tots"

- whatever

Post 100

This is post 100 I think!

Wild Ride

Check out this video. I can't decide if it's about Sudman playing at Nascar or Fintan's last driving lesson.:)

Referrer Added

I added a Truefresco Referrer to the blog footer. Now we can see who sends readers to us. If you click on a link you may find a good site or a bad one.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The only good thing about this post is...

The only thing good about Monday is that that you always think that this week will be a good week, and all that you did last week is forgotten.

The only good thing about Tuesday are new CD, DVD, and book releases.

The only good thing about Wednesday is that you are halfway through the work-week.

The only good thing about Thursday is that the next day is Friday.

The only good thing about Friday is that the week is over and the weekend is coming up.

The only good thing about Saturday is that there will be no work the next day and you are free to stay up as late as you want and do whatever you want all day.

The only good thing about Sunday is that yesterday was Saturday.

Its someones Bday

Happy Birthday Sudman. Have a Lot of good Birthdays.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Driving Tip For Fin

When you get driving on your own Fintan watch out for sneaky cops.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blog Slut

Dear Blogger, I have been unfaithful to you.

We have been going together for over a year. You made me feel wanted again after Diaryland kicked me out. During our time together I never looked at another host except to peek at that Typepad chit who insists on getting paid for companionship. I have stayed at your side even though you became tempermental and lazy. I was faithful even when you ignored me. Until now.

My friend Lou told me about Wordpress. I then found a free Wordpress host. My lust for exploration got the best of me and I lost control. I dated another blog host. I am not sure if you will forgive me or whether this will end our relationship. I just wanted to be honest with you.

Update: I wrote this in December of last year Blogger dear and my last post was in April 2005. I only dropped in there this morning because 'Braindance' (my old site at Blogsome) gets lonely and sends the occasional comment to get moderated. I thought I had turned that feature off.

So friend Blogger I am not being unfaithful. I am just telling the b**ch where to go and cutting my ties

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why does this song creep me out so much?

They're Coming To Take Me Away
^This song is creepy, not the other^

They played it before the Franz show and I was completely freaked out. What do you think?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Meow Meow!

How long can you hang around with this kitty?

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Don't do this for your vlogs.

Holy - days /Holidays

Holidays are fun if you follow them. In Canada, Britain, and America, we have sooo many due to our mix of citizens.

Unfortunately when I was in school I only had a few Christian and Canadian ones. I wanted to try them all.

One thing I had to learn as a kid was the difference between Easter Bunny Easter and Easter, and Santa Christmas and Christian Christmas.

The only Christian religious holiday I still observe is Christmas. I think Santa won that battle.

Fin Wins!

Congratulations Fintan on the big win! Hard work does pay off.

Yom Kippor

It is Yom Kippor.

I can't eat.

I can't drink.

I am hungry.

I am thirsty.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


SOOOOO... My blog is animationman it rocks. I usually write about me, my animations and anything else that floats into my head. Well that's about it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Neocounters And Neoboard

Check the sidebar for nifty counters. Hover over with your cursor to see maps. Neocounters via

Update: added Neoboard.

Phony Nowhere advert #2

Phony Nowhere is like an old movie that you have watched a million times - it always amuses you, and there are always new things that you never noticed before.

Phony Nowhere

Over the last couple of months, Phony Nowhere has become one of the top resources to find out about or get news updates on indie rock/pop groups. I have done interviews as well as reviews, and I always lead you in the right direction (except for that whole Coldplay obsession I had in May). If your musical tastes have grown rusty over the past couple of years, come to Phony Nowhere to get em all greased up, again. Also, the writing is pretty funny and witty if you appreciate that. ( ;

Count On Us

Counter Added to sidebar.

Stephen's Blog Thing

Let's blog is about me, Stephen, and whatever I find interesting thats going on. Sometimes there are posts about what is going on in my life, or maybe just what I'm thinking about at the time. I post some of my photography when it corresponds with my posts.


I write a little more seriously in my blog. I write about books, my city, blogging, and whatever else I feel like. I post pics and sometimes do podcasts.

Introduce your blogs

Write a short intro to your blog.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Wild Music

This has to be the silliest musical instrument ever!!

Plug your nose and have a listen.

Sudsy Links Again

I just updated the link to Sudman's new Sudster blog.

Wow 2

I finally know how to get to the "club". Suprising right? I didn't know what to do before but know I do. Cool! Over and out!

Hey Hey, This is how sneaky I can be as editor extraordinaire! - Leon.


There is a new record on this here blog that is pretty cooool.

The Advice Bunny Knows All

I need your help to test the powers of this cyberpsychic. Was the Advice Bunny right when he answered my important questions? Ask the Bunny some questions of your own.

Your question was:

Will the 2 Lazy 2 Blog team like to try this?

The Advice Bunny's response is:

Come on, I can't give you that information. It's confidential.

Your question was:

Can Sam tapdance while playing the guitar?

The Advice Bunny's response is:

I hope you don't take this too hard but the answer is no.

Your question was:

Is Sudman growing a beard?

The Advice Bunny's response is:

I don't know. Ask the Advice Duck.

Your question was:

Is Animationman really a cartoon pretending to be a kid?

The Advice Bunny's response is:

Your guess is as good as mine.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Movie Time

Sunday Matinee at Firemind Cinema featuring: Star Wars: Revelations. Today!! Watch the movie here.

Silly Stuff

  1. How to advertise in the USA. Eeyu!
  2. Sometimes fishing is hard on you.

Check Firemind for a Sunday Matinee edition of Firemind Cinema. I'll post sometime in the afternoon my time.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


I turned on Backlinks for this blog. See The Demo Blog for more info.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Derby This Weekend?

I was thinking of anotherderby this weekend. We could play post tag and/or clipreaction.

Post Tag = Person A writes a short post about some subject. He tags another person who has to add to that conversation. Each post ends in a cliffhanger.

  • Leon: The internet is not a safe place for teens to explore because... Shahid.
  • Shahid: there are many weird people on the net like the kids who look for naughty pictures of...Sam
  • Sam: Penguins with afros who drink champaign and...
You get the picture.

ClipReaction = Everyone writes a five line story and emails it to me. I copy/paste random bits of each story and email them out randomly. We post in sequence and see what we create.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tune In To Toons

See the sidebar. I selected "all" as the category so the toons will be varied.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh Popularity.

Maybe I should write here more often. I get more comments from this blog than any of my own. lol

No! No! Not This!

Your Summer Ride is a Moped

While it's not the quickest (or sexiest) ride in town
It's perfect for getting you around the back roads of Rome or Paris

I rode a moped when I visited the island of Rhodes, Greece. It was fun but too open and unsafe feeling.

Can you say "tourist target".

From Perky Mercury

You Are From Mercury

You are talkative, clever, and knowledgeable - and it shows.
You probably never leave home without your cell phone!
You're witty, expressive, and aware of everything going on around you.
You love learning, playing, and taking in all of what life has to offer.
Be careful not to talk your friends' ears off, and temper your need to know everything.

Obvious to anyone who has IMed with me.:)

I'm not Batman, but I could be.

This is a book I'm almost tempted to buy out of curiosity. Little kids dream of being super heroes all the time. I know I always wanted to be one when I was younger, much younger. By clicking here, you could be on your way to become one of the few super heroes that are almost possible in the real world.

Strange Product Name

While flipping through channels on tv earlier I saw a commercial for this stuff. Going by the name of it alone I assumed it was a joke. Apparently its not, they even have a website to buy from.

Apparently, the people like it when I interview.

I have noticed that my two interviews...

The Minor Thirds


...have been my most popular posts. Maybe I should do it more. Maybe not,

I will post twice today on Phony Nowhere.

I already posted my Fall Fest contribution, and later I will post about the upcoming Bruce Springsteen box set.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Grin And Bear It

To TTLB or not to TTLB.

That was the question. So after some bare brainstorming I ate a hamlet sandwich and decided to bear it all. See the sidebar.

Blame the pun link, not me, for this post.

Attila The Pun

Check the sidebar. Groans accepted.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Sleep is overrated.

I got lots of sleep today but feel pokey.

Catching up with blogs was fun. Stephen was the heavy blogger while Sam was mellow. :) Strange day.

Way to go Sudman.

Ok, wheres my snack...

I Fell Good

Well, I took that quiz and I'm pretty confident that I did well on it. I have a high possility that I might get a good grade. Well, cross your fingers. Over and out!


I am currently going through quite the opposite of a creative slump.

I have so much I want to write about on Phony Nowhere.

I am afraid if you don't check it hourly or daily, you will get far behind!

But this week, I probably won't stray too-too far from the schedule.

( ;

Yellow Goo is Bad

When I was using krazy glue on some pencils last night (for a project), it turned the paint into a yellow goo. Of course, I didn't realize this until I began typing and got it on one of my laptop keys. Now it won't come off and I'll have to wait until it wears off. This kinda sucks.

Method Shmethod! Let me post.

I was already to post my latest at Firemind when I got this message: "504 - Method Not Implemented" that made no sense so I puttered and saved the post. Later on I saw this message: "Down for Maintenance". They used the message from a few days ago. Ah, blogging.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


What can we hide?


Insert something intelligent here.

Update: Now there is nothing here.

Beware Of Psychiatrists

Button Test

I took the second button I made for this blog and added it to the 'ETC' section of my sidebar at Firemind. I don't use buttons too much since text works fine. They add colour though.

First Derby Stats

Participants: 3. Stephen with one post and Sam and I with the rest.

Starting post: #1 Derby Daze post by Sam. Over all Post #31

Last Post: Righto Sam Post # 51.

Time: We lasted about 2O minutes.


Part of the problem was that it was hard to get going with just two people. We tried some links but they take time.

We did write 20 posts in 20 minutes though. :) That's more than most 'real' blogs last.

We may have to 'outlaw' instant messaging. It distracts from the game and makes it less random.

If anything it was a bit of sillyness that got several of us blogging. I will also touch up this post and copy it to The Demo Blog. I could do that now but... I'm too lazy! :)

Righto Sam

Yes, the derby died. Bye all.


Thank you

This was fun!

We'll do it again sometime!

Maybe YOU will participate, cuz you sure didn't this time (unless you are me or Leon)!

See you soon.

No fair

Sam is Psychic and can read my mind. Yuk.:)

So Sam what am I thinking now?


Am I right?
leon's number is


i got a number.

Guess oh swami sammy.

Magicians can also be in the mafia

Just pick a # and no one gets hurt.

This is weird

Should we outlaw instant messenging while doing this?


Pick a # one through ten

Post 'ok' when you have it


We aint horses... no nags here.

We can post lots of junk. And the masses may join in.


Strange link???

Come on people!










i did laugh sometimes.
is seinfeld a tv god?
Eh - sometimes it can be goooood


Never could get into that show.

Nice titles

Hey those titles are odd Sam. Your two or my two? And wuz this about tutus?

what do you think of Seinfeld.

like the show.


The title

says it all

Sammy snaps the whip.

Ok, we can start any time we want like now.


So how long are we supposed to be doing this? Because I've been gone all day.

#1 Derby Daze post

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

#1 post





Some Derby Guidelines

OK, I know this is just a fun activity with no real purpose except fun. I do have some suggestions though.

  1. If you slip up and say something you shouldn't you can go back and save as draft and edit or delete. This may seem like chat but we can edit.
  2. Titles are optional but check Sam's rule in the Argh post.
  3. This is fun. So be wild, and don't try to be great bloggers. Just smash and trash. Something good may come out.
  4. You may want to have two tabs open in your browser. Things could be weird.
  5. Did i mention # 1?? :)

We Are Growing!

Seven members and growing. We are waiting for a certain cool Floridian to make up his mind. I may ask a friend from The Demo Blog to join. He's not on links page but I can vouche for him.

Um... if you have friends who might want to join... and are reasonable, then check with me.


Hey, this is Sudman. Well, I'm part of 2 Lazy 2 Blog. So, I'll post more later. Over and out!

Button for us?

I may make the borders gray too. The inner bar mucks up the left side. I made it with this program.


What about this one?

Thomas - what a strange name for a penguin...

adopt your own virtual pet!

Ain't he a doll? I sure love green penguins....named Thomas....

(click him and he dances!)

( :

New Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:30 pm (Eastern) Tonight Sunday!

Still Dazed

So I wake up again at 1205 pm and see it is Sunday. I slso see that Sam and Stephen have had more fun than me yesterday. Whine.


So here I am waking up late and think "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The derby is going on with out me. And its five am my time Sunday. "Well," i sez "i am glad it wasn't Saturday." I don't remember Saturday.

Sam OK

No problem we can have a mini derby then. Or something.

I am alive

a bit maybe


It might be a bit short notice, seeing as it was scheduled to be in about 30 minutes, but I can not, I repeat not, participate in the Derby Daze if it is at 3.

Any time from 6:30 - 8:30 would be a much better time!

Thank you!


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Splenda is Gross

The vending machine in my hall decided to spit out the wrong drink, flavored water. It had that Splenda sweetener in it. Am I the only one who notices a weird after taste from eating or drinking anything with that stuff in it?

Today is NOT Sunday

For some reason, my days got mixed up and I was thinking today was Sunday. Which made me think that derby was today. If today had been Sunday, I would be right. I would like to apologize for my own confusion.

Double show day

I have to do 2 shows today.

One for 4,000

One for, probably, less than 100

Just letting you know.