Friday, September 30, 2005

Another New Guy

Most of you working on this blog probably don't know me, but that's ok. I'll try to post when I can, while keeping up with my own blog. Hopefully we can all come up with some interesting and completely random posts. Looks like it'll be a pretty cool place.

Of course when you change the times of your post to make it later - I just may change it back. Admin power rules! - Leon

Technically, its not later. Don't forget there's a time difference between where you are and where I am. - Stephen

Technicalities, Technicalities. I just noted that my #16 post got hidden by your Introduction. - I knew I wrote that post after you wrote yours in whatever time zone it got written in. Therefore it had to get posted later rather than former because if it was former then my brain would have been later. I have enough trouble catching up with my thoughts already - thank you very much.:) - Leon


Leon said...

Yeah, don't take this blog too seriously. Just have fun.

Stephen said...

Haha...of course I won't take it seriously. I was pretty sure that was the point of it.