Monday, October 24, 2005

Buy an iMac?

Hello all. For my first post, I ask that you help me to solve a problem...
Should I set myself the goal of buying an iMac in January? I've wanted one for soooo long.

But I want to know what you think. Should I buy one as soon as I have the dosh (I have 2 sites on the go and 2 prospective ones which would do it by Jan), or should I wait, agonisingly, until next September, paying for it with work money (quicker I imagine) and possibly using a student discount.

Christmas is round the corner, and although I can't just ask for one (O - the uproar), I can ask for a little help.

If it buy it in Jan there's no way I can get a car, but do I really want one? I have a bike (and friends with cars :D). Driving lessons might take a backseat, too...

And, I want to make use of it now if it's going to be updated in a year. I would be horrified to buy a mac, only for it to be replaced the next month. Horrified.

So I really would consider your opinion valuable.
Please reply on my blog. Thanks!

ps. It feels good posting here!

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