Sunday, October 02, 2005

First Derby Stats

Participants: 3. Stephen with one post and Sam and I with the rest.

Starting post: #1 Derby Daze post by Sam. Over all Post #31

Last Post: Righto Sam Post # 51.

Time: We lasted about 2O minutes.


Part of the problem was that it was hard to get going with just two people. We tried some links but they take time.

We did write 20 posts in 20 minutes though. :) That's more than most 'real' blogs last.

We may have to 'outlaw' instant messaging. It distracts from the game and makes it less random.

If anything it was a bit of sillyness that got several of us blogging. I will also touch up this post and copy it to The Demo Blog. I could do that now but... I'm too lazy! :)

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