Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cinemas And Podcasts

I made up pages for Firemind Cinema (my weekly videos) and Radio Firemind (my podcasts). I also listed them in the sidebar (at Firemind) as Cinema and Podcasts.

Josh, you may like the 'Invasion Of The Pod People' post I mention in Podcasts.

I will post another cinema today and may do a podcast tonight or tomorrow.


Josh Jacobson said...

hey leon,
i've already heard that invasion of the pod people thing...and i love it.
And i am eternally grateful for DEDICATING your podcast 2 me!!! thanx soo soo sooo soo much!! How many listeners do u have?

Leon said...

Well, you got me podcasting again so ya deserved something.

How many listeners? I don't know really. My 'casts get listened to by my blog readers and some at