Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Liquid Turkey

Watched the news earlier and heard about this. The wonderful folks at Jones Soda Co. have released some new flavors for the holidays. Some of the more interesting ones are Turkey and Gravy, Corn on the Cob, and Salmon Paté. Yum.


men-a-men said...

Hoi Leon,

Bedankt voor het beantwoorden van mijn vraag! Mijn moeder zei dat ze dacht dat er een paar jaar geleden een paar Staten toegevoegd waren. Maar dat is dus niet zo...
Bedankt voor de Link, het is een geweldig vette site!


Hi Leon,

Thanks for answering my question on my blog! My Mom said that there were 2 States added a few years ago so she thought there were 52 States now. Thanks for the link it’s a great site!
See you next time!


Leon said...

Men - you're welcome!

Stephen - part of me says yum and part of me shudders. But knowing Jones they won't be too scary even if I don't like them.