Thursday, November 03, 2005

Make Our Motto Contest

Stephen and I were discussing this blog and he asked about a motto. I suggested "Our Place To Hang Out On The Web" but felt it was too serious for this blog.

Our rules really consist of the Introduction I wrote. I have added to this verbally when talking to prospective members. I will add my unofficial rules/guidelines to give you ideas.

About Us
  • This is a group blog with members of all ages.
  • We come from different countries, continents, backgrounds, and religions.
  • We are becoming a community.


Er... be nice... respect each other. We're not much for rules.


  • Write what you want when you want.
  • There is no minimum requirement.
  • This is your blog too.
  • We are G to PG rated.
  • Disagreements are ok, hurting others feelings, or being rude isn't.
  • Members know a lot. Ask if you need help.
  • Advertise your own blog projects.

Ok, that's what this place is...kind of. So who can make a cool motto? Prizes? Er... we are too lazy for real ones, but we could list you in our header for a while or something similar.

Mottos should be as casual as we are.:)


Sam said...

"Maybe one day, every blog will be this cool.'

"Momma! Can I go to 2lazy2blog?"

"She dumped me because I didn't write at 2lazy2blog."

Leon said...

Hahaha - very good Sam!

Here's one:

"We're thrillin' an' chillin'."

Stephen said...

"Too lazy for a real motto."

Sam said...

Stephen - How about - '2 Lazy 4 A Real Motto'

It works better with our laziness.

( ;

Stephen said...

Yeah...that would work better.