Saturday, November 19, 2005

What do you want to drive?

Nice Cars! (via The Ultimate Blog).

Please clean up your own drool.


men-a-men said...

Hi Leon,

Bedankt voor je felicitatie!

Hebben jullie ook Sinterklaas in Canada of bedoel je de Kerstman? Ik dacht dat het toch iets heel erg Hollands was met pakjes-avond op 5 december.
Doei Men

Thanks for your Congratulations!

Do you also have St. Nicholas in Canada or do you mean Father Christmas?
St. Nicholas is a very old Dutch tradition with a boxing-evening on december 5th.
Bye Men

Salwa said...

can I be part of 2lazy2blog, Leon?

Leon said...

Salwa - yes you can.