Saturday, December 24, 2005

Friends Are Fun/Linking To Nonmember Blogs

It is nice to have people read our blogs and leave comments. It is even better when they like us enough to link to our blogs.

Recently I have been commenting on interesting blogs. I do so because I think other members might find them interesting too. It also encourages people to keep blogging - especially when they are just starting out.

If I find a blog I think I will read often I link to it in my Firemind blog. I don't require a link back to my blog (ie - a reciprocal link). I want people to link to me if they enjoy reading me not just because I linked to them.

Bloggers have started linking to 2 Lazy 2 Blog. I wanted to say thanks to them and provide an easy way to find them. I thought a Our Friend's Blogs section in our sidebar would be cool. I discussed this with some members and they agreed it was a good idea.

We won't trade links or link to just anyone. The blogs we link to have to be recommended by a member and not offensive or 'adult oriented'. They should also have a link to us. The blogs also have to be reasonably current - we don't like dead links.

The reason I say "They should also have a link to us" is simple. Some of our members struggle to keep their own blogs and participate here. Linking to nonmember blogs can draw readers away from the blog for a time. I want people to come back and read what we write.

Any of our blog friends can become members of this blog.

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