Monday, December 05, 2005

Motto Contest Vote

Last month we had these submissions to our Motto Contest. Which one should we use? Most votes by Friday wins. Prize = name of motto writer and motto will be in the description. Motto writer's name for one month.

1 vote per member = 2 points per vote. 1 vote per guest = 1 point per vote. Blogger registered folks only (no cheating then - haha). Get your friends to vote.

Sam: "Maybe one day, every blog will be this cool.'

"Momma! Can I go to 2lazy2blog?"

"She dumped me because I didn't write at 2lazy2blog."

Leon: "We're thrillin' an' chillin'."

Stephen: "Too lazy for a real motto."

Sam and Stephen: '2 Lazy 4 A Real Motto'


Leon said...

Sam and Stephen: '2 Lazy 4 A Real Motto' - I vote for this one.

Stephen said...

I vote for Sam and I.

Fin said...

Weeeel while I love Leon's, I think it's a little too classy for this media institution.

So I'll vote for... Sam & Stephen's '2 Lazy 4 A Real Motto'

it just fits in!! :D

ps. Blogger is really slow for me today!

Leon said...

Testing -- Blogger is soo slow today.