Friday, December 23, 2005

Penguins! Penguins!

At a Christmas party the topic of penguins came up. Later on I found this Webcam at Monterey Bay Aquarium (via). Birds in "suits" are kind of cute are long as they aren't members of this organization.


Quinn said...

hey leo... its Quinn from "reflections of a penguin"... i put a link to your blog on mine.. by the way you can find a link to that same place through our website... just go to this link( and then click on the monteray bay link. small world huh?

Leon said...

Hi Quinn, thanks for the link!

I found the site through your blog and your parent's site. If you check the small "via" in the post you will see a link to your blog. I "credited" your blog for finding the Monterey site. Its simpler than saying : "via Quinn and Penguin Giftshop" and takes up less space.

Anonymous said...

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