Thursday, December 22, 2005

Three Blogs

I found three interesting blogs recently.

reflections of a penguin - by Quinn. I found that I could relate to some of the things he wrote about. Quinn seems to be writing consistantly so the blog probably won't disappear tomorrow. I also followed his links to some cool sites about penguins which I will post about later.

The Life of Mathew Knightly - by Mathew. He has only three posts so far but it is a start.

This is Life: Through the eyes of Shogun - by Shogun. Shogun and I have had some funny conversations in his comments. He likes to experiment and then fix things up. He has quite a sense of humour too. I just added a link to his blog from Firemind.

Three blogs from three teens in three countries. Check them out and you may like them.

1 comment:

Shogun said...

Gah~ Matthew has the same layout as me, I MUST CHANGE IT!!!! ^________________^