Monday, January 02, 2006

Fun Links

Good Blog Links

I have been cleaning up some of my blogs (I even deleted two!). I found lots of cool stuff in some of the posts. I found these via several different sources.

Button Maker - by Adam Kalsey - The buttons in my sidebar at Firemind were made using this site.

Cool Text - this is a cool online tool to make text banners and buttons. There are lots of fonts and some textures.

squidfingers - patterns

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials - learn CSS and other blog skills.

Brilliant Button Maker - a graphic button maker.


Puppy Curling

Stupid Games

Reindeer Games

Art LInks
I found these two when browsing Links and Things.

Time-lapse Figure Drawing - this is a flash movie showing a drawing being made.

HOW TO: Make a Blog Header Graphic


There are several blog related tutorials at The Demo Blog. I haven't made up a "tutorial" page yet but I plan to.

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