Friday, January 27, 2006

Header/Logo Contest

We are looking for a new header/logo for our blog. Something artistic and fun that expresses our blog. Stephen's header and Sudman's are examples of headers that look fine with our template.


  1. Only members of 2 Lazy 2 Blog can submit entries. Anyone can vote on a submission.

  2. Multiple submissions are OK.

  3. The artwork must be your own or that which you have permission to use. For example: photos with a creative commons (Share alike) licence.

  4. The header must look fine at different resolutions. For example I use 800x600 most of the time. I would say 610x150 is a good size to work with. Your art may be bigger but may be resized.

  5. Any graphics or text may be used as long as '2 Lazy 2 Blog' is recognizable.

  6. Keep the pics clean. :)

  7. Only static pictures should be used. Animations can slow loading of the blog.

  8. email me the link to your submission. Anonymous submissions are fun!

  9. Optional: It would be nice if our motto could be included in the design. Either: "As Sam and Stephen say: we are '2 Lazy 4 A Real Motto'" or just '2 Lazy 4 A Real Motto'.

Deadline: Tuesday February 14, 2006.


  • Members Vote = 4 points.

  • Friends (listed in sidebar) Vote = 2 points.

  • Other Votes = 1 point.

  • You may vote for more than one submission.

  • The submission with the most votes wins.

Prize: Fame and the cherished love of your fellow members. I will mention the winner on my blogs and other members may too. I could include a copy of my demo cd, but I was planning to send it to friends anyway.


Leon said...

Let me know if I forgot something or you have questions.

Stephen said...

This should be a lot of fun.

Leon said...

Yeah, it should be!

Shogun said...
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Leon said...

Very nice Stephen. How about posting it to the blog.