Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bookfest 2006 - A Literary Blog Party

We are having another blog party on February 25 to 28. Everyone is invited.

Participants will write short book reviews about recently read books or books they really like.

Length: The length of each review is up to each blogger. Try to say why you liked the book.

Number of reviews: up to the blogger. 3 to 5 is about right.

Blog: write the review in your blog on the dates listed above. You may also write it in 2 Lazy 2 Blog.

Links: Links to this blog are appreciated. Something like: "My Bookfest 2006 submission" is fine. Use comments to tell me the url and I will link to your blog.

Special Notes: Josh could include his submission in a podcast produced around that time. Men can write in Dutch about Dutch books.

This will be a joint project with Our Photoblog. The February theme in that blog is "Words and Writing".

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