Monday, February 20, 2006

Men is our New Member

Men has been popping in to this blog and participating in our projects and some of you have visited his blog. This is an English language blog so language is an issue but I invited Men because we all post here when we can. We are after all 2 Lazy 2 Blog. :)

Men said:

Hallo Leon,

He dat is leuk! Nou ik wil graag mee doen hoor! Maar ja, dan moet natuurlijk wel atijd mijn moeder er bij zijn om te vertalen en dat gaat natuurlijk niet altijd. Maar ik ga zeker eens wat schrijven vind het echt vet cool hoor! Bedankt!

Doei Menno

He that’s nice! Yes I want to participate, it’s great! Only there is one problem, my mother always has to be there to translate and that isn’t always possible. But I really like it and when it’s possible I love to write a little piece, so cool! Thanks!

Bye Menno

You're welcome Men,

Write what you want when you want. Just have fun!


U bent welkome Men,

Schrijf wat u wilt wanneer u wilt. Hebben enkel pret!



Stephen said...

Well...I do have an idea that could help Men out. Why not add the Babel Fish translator on here? Like you already have on Firemind.

Leon said...

Good Idea!