Monday, June 26, 2006

2 Lazy 2 Blog Wikipedia Entry

The Masta started a Wikipedia entry for 2l2b and I edited it. However Wikipedia kept deleting it. This is what we wrote.


2 Lazy 2 Blog is a popular [[weblog]]. It has 15 members and is growing. Most of the members are under the age of 20 and come from various backgrounds. Members come from five countries on three continents. Our working language is English but we sometimes post bilingually in Dutch and English.

The blog is a place for members to hang out and share ideas. There are few rules and no obligations.

Members often refer to the blog as "2l2b" or "2 Lazy".

== History ==

The blog was created by [ Leon] on September 24th, [[2005]]. It was started because several bloggers said they didn't have a place to post things that didn't fit their personal blogs.

The idea was to create a [[group blog]]that was open to anyone whether they had a blog or not.

Various group activities were tried such as group chats and contests.

Recently several members started a companion music blog called [ 2 Lazy 4 Radio].

== External Links ==
[ 2 Lazy 2 Blog]
[ 2 Lazy 4 Radio]


The Masta said...

now they deleted iot for shure i'm going to contact an administrator

Shahid said...

The thing is, you're not really allowed to create entries for yourself. I looked into the rules once.