Sunday, November 12, 2006

Young Bloggers/Young Writers

Anyone who reads my blogs for any length of time knows I like to encourage other bloggers. I love blogging and feel it has helped me make new friends and it has helped me maintain my writing skills.

When I get bored or I want something new to read I use Blog Search to find blogs. When a blog looks interesting I bookmark it and read some of the posts. I always try to comment because I like comments on my blogs and by commenting I may attract a new reader. I also know what it is like to write a good post and not have any comments.

When I find blogs written by younger bloggers I like to mention them here since most of the members are young themselves. I am cautious about this because of the "Mathew Incident".

Recently I was doing some searches as 'research' for a post at Big Blog Directory and came across a number of interesting blogs. I chose three that I thought appropriate for this blog. The bloggers are around the same age as many members of 2l2b. Furthermore, all three are actively posting in their blogs and all respond to comments.

life of a budding author by Duncan. Duncan is a young writer from the UK. He expresses himself quite well and has interesting ideas.

Lucas's Blog by Lucas. This blogger lives in Malaysia and blogs about life and technology. He also does some podcasts.

My Double Life by "Colin Night". Colin writes interesting fiction and poetry. Check out the introduction.

Take a moment to visit these blogs and say hello. You might like them.


Lucas said...

Thank u for advertising my blog. Had u listened to my podcast? if not do so at thank u

Colin Night said...

thanks for linking!

Leon said...

lucas - you're welcome. I did check out your podcast.

Colin- you're welcome too. Thanks for stopping by.