Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bookfest 2006

Welcome to Bookfest 2006. This is a literary blog party featuring mini book reviews from 2 Lazy 2 Blog members and our friends.

Reading is a fun pastime and it is also a very useful skill. What is read often isn't as important as the fact that one is reading. When a person reads he or she turns little marks on a page into ideas, adventures, and stories. Imagination takes over and for a while the reader exists in another "place."

Have a look at each entry and you may find something interesting to read.

As I am notified I will link each entry.


Five Books
by Leon

Wringer by Sudman

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Leon said...

Please don't post links to book sales sites or other random blogs. I don't want to send members and guests trolling the net for websites.

Comments on the reviews or books are appreciated as are book suggestions.

Thank you.